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    Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest french tea brand, founded in 1848 at avenue de l’Opera in Paris. In 1930, by acquiring the Compagnie des Indes, it brings a larger assortment of unique and qualitative blends.
    Since then, Compagnie Coloniale is still animated by its inherited know-how and vivid passion.

    In 2010, the brand gets back to its basics to offer a new range of packagings with clear and modern colours.

    Christmas Tea

    Compagnie Coloniale has developed an original Christmas Tea blend for many years. It has become the touchstone blend for the Season Greetings.

    Exclusive blends

    Compagnie Coloniale has developed for many years a variety of blends. Chine Extra, Earl Grey Superieur, Sencha Calida are among the best sellers of the brand. Lately, our laboratory has prepared an innovative blend which combines natural aromas of wasabi and strawberry added to green tea Sencha.

    Steam flavouring process

    Compagnie Coloniale uses an exclusive in-house steam flavouring process on some blends. Only used on some black teas, it brings a natural caramelized brilliance aspect to the leaves with fruits, spices, and flowers sourced from all over the world.

    Tailor made

    Compagnie Coloniale has been developing exclusive blends for 160 years. We can also develop for you some teas customized to your needs. The full process is tailor made in our plant in France.

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